We are all in this together. That’s the theme I extracted from chapter 4 (Becoming a Networked School) in our Personal Learning Networks text. An especially interesting line, I thought, was: “First, it gets easier for every teacher to change his or her classroom when similiar changes are taking place throughout the school.”
In giving thought to this idea of establishing a PLN and becoming a better teacher as a result, I did not immediately connect the very tangible idea that if folks within my department, folks teaching next door, are moving in a similiar fashion, than students are more likely to accept change (or new ideas).
With each chapter we read throughout this course, the bottom line becomes more clear. “Learning in networks is in the air and water of the 21st century learning.” (p. 84) An intimidating thought, but one more easily embraced when one understands that help is just a click away (or exists within the person sitting across from you at lunch).
Attached please find an interesting article related to PLNs.

PLN Made Easy Article


2 thoughts on “Personal Learning Networks — Becoming a Networked School

  1. Yes, it’s coming slowly but surely. The technology makes it possible but this is only a necessary condition, not a sufficient one. It takes human beings to put PLN’s in place.

  2. Yes, PLNs need a school culture to be successful. Of course, it is still worthwhile to create one even if you are the only one since it provides you with much professional development not to mention connections to learn and share with students and other teachers,

    Great link to show how easy it is to create a PLN.

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